A hungover walk down bloor street from a week ago. I was bored and had no battery in anything except a camera. I decided to film it and pretend to be a huge jerk. If you can get past me sounding pretentious, then the atmosphere of bloor at 7 in the morning is really nice.

Sometimes the smooth jazz of a Starbucks doesn’t feel anything other than ironic.

Ps: The first train doesn’t happen til 9 on sundays?

About two months ago I decided that I was going to buy an electric guitar that would be my own electric guitar. I’m not poor right now, but I’d like to not be poor in the future as well. I ended up buying a guitar at a pawn shop and hating it. I thought it had a chipped bridge, and I was worried that the tuning pegs were stripped. Mainly, I was worried that I’d wasted money.

About two weeks ago I decided maybe to try dicking around with this guitar. I was surprised to find that it sounded … alright. The thing doesn’t stay in tune for a hugely long time, and it has questionable clarity, but there’s something … magical about it. Every time that I dicked around on this guitar, I’d write a riff that I thought sounded fantastic for some kind of 90s alternative rock song. I’ve never been able to really work well with distorted guitars, but this guitar seems to be the missing puzzle piece. I don’t even bother with a pre-amp or any fancy equipment. This is the guitar on direct input. This off-the-cuff style also inspired me to do a bit more mixing work like that.

When I mix a song, it’s a long and tedious process. I’m perfectionist with different track balances, tones, reverb levels, compression, ect. Recording these songs has made me realize that I probably over-mix. Steve Albini once said that an engineer’s job is to set up mics in a room and get out of the way, and that a good producer doesn’t do much else than record. I’ve always listed Steve Albini as one of my top 3 producers, so I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth was.

I actually really love this no-stress recording style because it lets me just plow through things and generally the song at the end sounds like a song that I’d probably like. I love a whole lot of that lo-fi slack rock, but I could never work up the self confidence to actually work like that. Now I see that it’s exactly what I should have been doing the whole time.

This is a song that I wrote and recorded this morning for an album that I may or may not do, with music of this style. I’m trying to make the thing lead from track to track, and this one naturally demanded a more upbeat song. I ended up going with an ultra sunny feelgood song because hey – I’m writing a 90s alternative slacker rock album. I don’t have to include the parts of those albums that I don’t like!

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Remember that “green vesper” side project? Well I said it wasn’t dead.

In the end it’s not a full album, it’s an EP. I got a bandcamp over here where you can PAY MONEY to buy the album. (It’s $2). Granted, I’m just putting it up on the off chance that I might make money off of it. It’s the kind of money that hipster jerks pay to listen to.

You guys are my friends so you can download it for free over here

I’m too nice to make money….

Stay tuned for another side project in the works. Two more, in fact.

One’s a folksy slackery sound like Silver Jews, and one’s my tribute to early 90s Shibuya Kei bands like PIzzicato Five and Round Table. I’m pretty sure those are EXACT opposites.

PS: LOOKING TO RECRUIT FEMALE SINGER for said pizzicato five tribute project. If anyone who follows me wants to sing sickeningly cute songs, let’s talk and I promise not to turn into phil spector.

I was bored so I wrote a dramatic retelling of a night a couple of weeks ago when I just really wanted to get home. It’s kinda long.

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Quick doodle I made while I should have been sleeping. It’s just like being back in university!

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Another track for a visual novel I’m writing for. I’ve been going pretty strong at a one-a-day rate. I should be able to make this without even getting close to death. I’m feeling pretty good about this one; I made some elevatory music that doesn’t go near a 2-5-1 crutch, and it does some little fun stuff with accidentals to make me look like I know what I’m doing.

It’s also worth pointing out that the stereo panning really helps bring out the little bits in arrangement that I have been doing for well over a year now, but I’m guessing no one noticed because they all got buried.

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So recently (as I’ve mentioned before) I’m trying to get back into visual novel music. I generally go pretty quick on the site, though I’m probably going to lose my advantage soon because people are starting to write in a style other than generic electronic music for visual novels. Once those guys approach into my area (music that sounds like it belongs in a visual novel) I’m going to probably disappear because their mixing ability makes me look like a 10 year old. Much like my lack of technical talent, I try to make up for my lack of mixing ability with a heavy reliance on being as musical as possible. It gets me by, but a sustained chord, a 4 bar loop, and 9000 ableton effects can compete with me working full steam and writing a 12 part arrangement, then who’s going to win when someone comes along who has a copy of fruity loops AND a good ear. Maybe I’m a bit bitter about music composition – the people doing it don’t seem to care about the song itself.

Anyway, that said, I’m currently attached to four different projects so it would appear that people still like what I make. The four different projects thing was probably a bad idea, but I’m unemployed and bored so hey why not? So this theme was a character theme for one of those games. Right now I’m pretty ahead of the game in terms of writing. A couple of the people I’ve agreed to write for are yet to get their shit together, so I’m knocking off the tracks that I do know are needed. I’m definitely ripping off some more Clannad music here, though it’s not my favourite song in Clannad. I’m not a huge fan of the texture, but then again I’m not a huge fan of the character archetype either so I guess that means I went the right way with the style.

Granted, even if I’m not a huge fan of the style of the texture, I still definitely admire the original song and am content with the song that I’ve come out with. I think both of them definitely serve their purpose and give a feel for the character. It was also a fun time composing a texture that I don’t usually compose. Expanding horizons, ect. Generally I stay within my “trademark” (crutch) jazz-lite elevator music style. That jazz-lite style typically limits my instrument use to “real” instruments. It limits my instrument use further because most midi wind instruments sound like garbage. In this case I was not even allowed to use those instruments, garbage or not. You can’t make something ridiculously sharp when you’re writing the melody on a flute. Ridiculously sharp needs something sharper than real. It needs synth pads and synth leads

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Whelp, I started composing for visual novels again. In fact, I attached myself to four projects at once. RIP me. No one’s given me instructions yet, but I figure they’re going to want some kind of haunting piano piece for sad wistful romance, because if they don’t have that then I don’t even fucking WANT to be part of their game.

So I wrote this.

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There is going to be so much music posted here, you don't even know. You seriously don't understand the amount of stuff that I write. And it doesn't even stop there. I'll post music I'm listening to. Christ man, this is going to be huge.

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