I’m mad at the government.

Surprise. I’m on tumblr and am mad at the government? Who’d have thought?

One Drummond recommendation that will be adopted is a call to eliminate the so-called “victory” laps that sees high schools students stay back for a year to better their marks. The Liberals will cap high school credits at 34, four more than required to earn a diploma, by September 2013 — saving $36 million over three years.

"Despite the elimination of the Ontario Academic Credit (OAC) nearly a decade ago, Ontario continues to accommodate up to 20,000 students returning for a fifth year, many of whom have already received their secondary diploma," the budget reads.

"The cap will motivate students to plan their courses appropriately while allowing them to seek additional or upgraded credits."

This is a little clip from a larger CBC report on Ontario’s 2012 budget plans, which can be found here. Essentially, the Ontario government feels that they can save some money by cutting out the option to continue highschool after completing the required amount of courses.

I’d like to clarify this from a student perspective in that I’m someone who’s graduated highschool in a standard 12 years. I considered staying back a year, but decided against it. I had no difficulty completing my courses and also earned a few thousand dollars in scholarships. I am apparently the kind of person who’s adapted and prepared to move on from highschool, says the government - except I’d rather make that choice myself.

I’ve always been hugely jealous of my neighbour. She’s somewhere in her late 20s or early 30s right now, and was one of the last students to have to complete grade 13. I wasn’t so lucky to have that extra year of education. I’ve always been sour about the well known fact that grade 11 and 12 are essentially 3 years of material crammed into 2. I was able to live with that, it made things feel a whole lot more academic. My issue here isn’t academics though, this is a maturity thing.

Highschool is a great transitional time for people in many ways. I’ve always been told by people older than me that I’d learn how to learn in highschool, and then I’d learn in university. This seems fair enough, and it seems like a reasonable strategy. In our teen years, going through highschool, we’re suddenly given a whole lot more responsibility. One learning skill has always been how to deal with responsibility. This of course culminates in the fact that we’ve got to start deciding on a direction for ourselves at around 16 years old when we pick our own courses that are supposed to lead up to our future career/education. I’ve always taken a huge issue that our 16 year old selves are expected to plan a career path that our 32 year old selves will agree with. It’s just unreasonable. It’s safe enough to say that next to no one actually plans what they’d like to do at 16, and instead just takes the basic courses with some throwaway “interesting” sounding courses.

It’s at around mid grade 11 that students usually begin thinking about university and early grade 12 that they beginreallythinking about university. Now they’re stuck with planning an entire future in the span of a few months. This isn’t procrastination, it’s a maturity thing. As an apathetic youth, I went through most of school with a “Fuck you man, I’m like 17, I’m not even an adult. I don’t know what I want to do with myself” (especially the part where I’d always claim to be 17. Yes. Totally). Many of my friends felt the same of me, a few of them went back for a victory lap. I sometimes wish that I went back for another year, because it’d have saved me about $5000 and left me marginally less bitter. Some of my friends feel the same way, sans the part where I have a huge debt and they don’t. Did I mention that I don’t enjoy having five thousand dollar debt?

So what they’ve done now, is not only remove the extra year of education, but removed the optional extra year of maturity. If you’ve got 34 credits by the end of the year, then that’s it. See ya.

I’m aware that this is the norm in plenty of other places, but people don’t seem to realize how great of an idea this optional extra year is. It’s a great idea who don’t want to go around planning futures willy-nilly. You can take an extra year and get that all important average up, you can decide what you’d like to do, you can go part time and work a job. Except change that can to a could. because now you’re not able to. This is the rest of someone’s life. They should have as much time as possible to plan this.

Now that my logical and reasonable part is out of the way, I’ll get to the part withwhite hot rage.

"The cap will motivate students to plan their courses appropriately while allowing them to seek additional or upgraded credits."

that quote is not at all informative and instead just a justification for doing something which is sure to make everyone angry. Why did I include this in then? I’ll tell you why. I’m not explicatly told whose quote this is, butfuck. you.This quote is so insanely arrogant and self satisfied that it seriously makes me want to go scream in the face of whoever said it for about an hour.

The school system is already in a constant state of fluctuation due to changing budgets. Myself and most people I know have been fucked over at least once by these budget changes. We’ve been removed from classes that cease to exist, we’ve had to jump through incredible amounts of hoops in order to take classes, having to not take other classes, and we’ve just generally been tossed around by a government education ministry that can’t get its shit together. In all four years of my highschool life, I was either removed from a class due to its lack of existence, which ruined my entire timetable, or forced to not have any lunches. once both. In grade 9, I lost a math credit, in grade 10, I had no careers or civics class, in grade 11, I had no computer science class, and in grade 12 I had no lunch, and very nearly had the computer science course that I missed in grade 11 cancelled. Many of my friends also face similar problems. Another friend of mine had to go an extra year because he was unable to take amandatoryhistory credit. To blameus,┬áthe students, on this is complete and utter bullshit.

We do not have any control over our courses. This falls on one of two things: The computer scheduling system that is optimized to get all students into the classes that they desire if possible, and, the government. The ministry of education. This government has tossed a series of hoops at me, forced me to jump through them, and then claimed that the hoops wouldn’t have came, had I planned better. It’s the political equivalent of shitting on my bike, and then fining me for having a bike covered in shit.you’re the one that shat on my bike, asshole.

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